Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Practically Perfect in every way" Spring 2012 SPOT-ON-TREND

The products above are from the new MAC "CHEN MAN" Collection, and NARS Larger Than Life, Long Wear Eyeliners!

This is the first Blog Post for Glam Spot NJ!

Outside "The BOX"
Both literally and figuratively!

The colors look bright, and may be intimidating from a far...  These colors can work for so many skin tones, personalities, and are perfectly "Spot-On-Trend" with the current pops of color, "popping Orville Reddinbocker style" EVERYWHERE you look!

****I will mention, do not travel with these shadows, they are baked, and the slightest impact means complete and utter pigment devastation!  Your favorite shadow will be a "pigment of your imagination"
I digress...

The pink gloss (Budding Love) pictured below!

   This is a gloss that can be worn alone or paired with liner!

The Pink lipstick with the same name, is in the "Lustre" family of lipsticks.
It is soft and not opaque, it gives enough color to make a statement, but without an exclamation point!

The Lipstick is paired with the blue shadows named (Love Cycle) applied thick, and lined in black!

(The Gloss for the face in this collection is a re-promoted item...  It is an artistry product, intended for a photo shoot, but not wearable for anyone in "real life"!)

The pink shadow is named (Supersweet) the blue, as mentioned above, is named (love Cycle)


Ava, my 5 year old partner, loves to help out, and chime in...
She feels these eye shadows are very beautiful!

I agree! 

Are they practical?????
 Not Really!!!!!!

These shadows are very shimmery, they are not going to be worn often, and are not conducive to travel... However, for a night out, they will add pep to your step!

If you brighten your eyes, with white liner, in your inner corner...  you need this liner!  It doesn't move.
If you are loving the current trend, but don't want to be too invested in it, grab a purple or blue liner...  Thickly line your top lid, and call it a day!

The purple liner featured is named (St. Marks Place) The blue is named (Abbey Road) and the White is named (Santa Monica Blvd.)

The MAC highlighting powder in this collection is nice, but very similar to other, previous MAC "exclusive" collections... 
It's named (Play It Proper) if a highlighting powder is not already in your makeup drawer, it may be a useful item, but if you miss this one, a new one, with a new name, won't be far behind!

The Nail polish looks appealing, "Pinkly Fresh" is similar to Essie FIJI, both similar in color and that they are hard to work with...
The blue is my current favorite polish to come out in a while!!!!
Named (Breezy Blue) It is not too dark or "Vampy"
It is like a purple-blue!

The (force of love) Coral gloss, and lipstick, not yet mentioned, are Spot-on-trend!
The lipstick is MATTE, and BOLD not for the "faint of heart"
The gloss is pretty when worn on it's own,
a sheer choice, and a more subtle way to get that coral sensation!

This segment, The first of many, is signed off with Glam Spot NJ Kisses...

From myself, Heather Polyi (top of bag) Owner and Lead Celebrity Artist of Glam Spot NJ
And, Danielle Lynch (bottom of bag) Celebrity Artist of Glam Spot NJ
Every artist working with Glam Spot NJ will submit features, and add to entries!

 Kristin Patterson Paladino, Founder and Key Artist of Makeup Luxe
Sheri Ferguson-Guyre, Owner and Lead Celebrity Artist of Mon Sheri Beauty
Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Enthusiast/Blogger with a "natural" approach

All will add to this blog with;
insight, ideas, and additional industry perspective.

They are my panel of Consummate professionals, with whom, have positively impacted my career, and offer much in the world of all that is beauty and fashion.  
I am proud to have Glam Spot NJ follow and learn from their experiences and opinions as well!

This is going to be a fun journey!
If you liked this, Tell a friend...
There will be prizes, parties, and amazing artistry to follow!

With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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