Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The beauty behind "the beauty"

By: Heather Polyi  Owner/Lead Artist Glam Spot NJ
This is Lyra!
She is the reason Glam Spot NJ exists!
I have 2 girls, The older of the two keeps me on my toes with church choir, cheer, and just being 7!!!! 

But Lyra, is the reason I could no longer handle a "typical" job within my career.  
As we were increasingly coming to the reality that Lyra would need numerous therapies each week, and doctors appointments all over the US, I left my business manager position with an amazing line at the flagship Saks on 5th Ave. they could never allow as many sick days my new life would require!

Funny enough, at that time when I left what I missed most was no longer being right next to St. Patrick's Cathedral where I prayed everyday, sometimes more than once... My pay check was good sized but I missed the church!

I had often talked about opening my own place... Where instead of managing large businesses with the ideas of others, I could truly build my own business with all the varied knowledge I'd collected across my lengthy career!

Then came Glam Spot NJ!  
I tell you this ONLY to share the blessing!
Lyra is going through another round of specialized testing and we have gotten some news that well, could be better....  But I wanted to show what she has DONE!
The blessings she brings!

Lyra has brought so many blessings!
(More than I will list for this blogs purpose LOL)
The courage to Just do it!!!  
The strength to handle anything!!!
And compassion....
Lyra is pure love!
She has taught me more about the word love than I had learned in my entire life!

I believe, when something is started with love, it can only grow and spread!  
Our clients become family!  That is no accident!
You can't just be a great artist or hair pro to work at Glam Spot NJ our people possess something more!!!  The love of volunteering in the community, and compassion.  Attributes that can't be taught!

Our pink hair for hope campaign raised $100 towards a Glam Spot NJ's client and"cancer survivor" walk team!
We embrace community events...

Face-painting at Forrest school, working the "talent show" at Camp Fatima, doing hair and makeup for the kids' performances, sponsoring our local classic car show, providing makeup and hair for Just Cheer's haunted house! Etc...

We treat our public works with the same attention and care as work that has dollars attached to it.

We treat your moments with great care... And love...
A trait you just don't find in business today!

We carry products we believe in, not just to make money....  and always work to surpass your expectation!

I write this today to share this blessing with you!!!  
Lyras pure love has blessed me, and now so many others... 
At this time of year when magic is in the air...
Walk with a little extra love, 

With Love and Glamour,
Glam Spot NJ