Monday, November 4, 2013

Vibrating Beauty!

By Heather Polyi, with research by Bridget Hudzik, Glam Spot NJ's Beauty Guru!

There are plenty of jokes I could make but I will refrain, as much of the world is hooked on these VIBRATING crèmes!
We have seen vibrating Mascara wands, hand-held face washing tools, and now a "buffer".
Japanese and Korean products currently utilize this type of tool with their BB and CC creams, but it hasn't become the rage in the US yet.
Currently vibrating beauty, is appearing State side as a "buffer"...
(AHEM... excuse me I cleared my throat...)
 The UK based brand pop beauty introduces the Buzzing Beauty Buffer.
This tool allows you to blend whatever you want into your skin.
(insert joke here... LOL)
 liquid, cream, mousse or powder blend perfectly onto your skin while de-puffing and improving circulation. It is specifically designed to be used with POP’s CC Cream, but it's uses are numerous.
The kit includes an auto vibrating applicator with anti-bacterial sponge, lithium battery, and a refill sponge.
Using the buffer is quite easy - simply dip the sponge into you favorite formula, (or apply the makeup directly onto your face first) next, press the button to activate the buffer, then follow the included face chart, showing you the correct circular motion, to massage cosmetics onto your skin.
Don't forget, to make sure to turn off, and replace the cap after each use.
*Of course it's easy to clean, simply twist the base of sponge to remove it and wash with a mild shampoo and warm water. (note: use baby shampoo or baby wash.)
POP Beauty is sold in Ulta stores throughout the USA
Let us know if you try this new "vibrating" beauty tool!
With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ