Wednesday, May 30, 2012


By Bridget Hudzik
Eyeliner can be such a pain when it starts to wear down.
You sharpen all the time.
You mess up because you have no handle to hold.
Your line becomes thick because you need a finer point.
Eyeko London will solve it all with their Skinny Eyeliner Pencils for precise definition and intense color.
It is so super thin that you almost have to apply it incorrectly to actually see it. One sweep of the tip will get the point across, but when you lay the whole thing down, it creates a smooth line that lasts until you wash it off at night.
Available in six colors, even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use.
Max and Nina Leykind "We invented the Eyeko Shield  - a unique beauty tool created for enhanced application to help you obtain the perfect lash look. Pop it behind your lashes and never ruin your look with smudged lids again.”
 They also have your perfect mascara - or your money back.
Love it when companies offer that!

This season's ONE must have PRODUCT!!!!!!

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty GURU

This ever changing weather is totally drying me out!
 My poor lips look like raisins left out for days!
I needed a solution fast and looked for something that could completely cure all of my lip problems, but I just couldn't find anything that had it all without breaking my bank.
But then, rising up from the ash, ck one Pop Culture Color + Treat Lip Kit. This really has it all!
It's a portable lip scrub plus a balm, a plumper, a gloss, and a color, all piled into one compact.
I can literally use this company anywhere - even at my office desk! I applied the green scrub at my desk and then wiped it off with a napkin when I got to the diner for lunch. And with the help of the included mirror, I layered on some color and gloss for late-afternoon glamour.
What a great idea!!!!!  So glad they came out with this!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


By Bridget Hudzik

Rain, rain, go away!
Or maybe stay since we have Rain Cosmetics to keep us occupied in-doors while we wait for sunny days.
Rain Cosmetics recognizes the need for lightweight, long-wearing, moisture-rich formulas, so it created a product line that lasts all day into the night with little-to-no touch ups.
Working globally to develop unparalleled high-quality formulas, Rain Cosmetics is the perfect makeup line for the woman on-the-go.

The Diva Eyeshadow Quad in Mix contains long-wear, vibrant colors.
This richly pigmented eye shadow quad provides multiple color combinations as well as a variety of textures ranging from matte to shimmer finishes.
The professional formula can be blended dry for smooth shading, or dampened for more intense color.
Colors: Pussycat- - A sheer pink with a smooth satin finish, VooDoo - A soft brown with a matte finish, Carmel - A warm cream beige with a matte finish, and Revolution - A pale iridescent blue with a subtle shimmering finish.
Pair it with Sex Pot Gel Eyeliner in Bangin' Body Brown.
Create daringly defined, or soft seductive eyes with this easy to apply gel liner. Glides effortlessly over the lid for precise lines or can be blended out for a sultry effect.
It's also water resistant; just be sure to close this product tightly after use to avoid drying.
Finish the look with Rain's Glam Lipstick in Champagne Brunch - a shimmering warm champagne with extreme color that moisturizes and lasts.
Glamorous color combined with moisturizing mango butter, grape seed oil, and Vitamin E.
Or try Gloss of Fame in Presley Pink, perfect for day or night looks. This picture-perfect pale pink gloss is ultra-moisturizing to keeps lips soft and smooth with lasting color and brilliant shine. Lips look full and glossy. Perfect when worn alone or over other Rain lip products for heightened intensity.

Of course you can't forget about the rest of your face! Rain's Conceal...
Reveal flawless foundation with SPF 15 comes in 6 sexy shades.
Seduce your skin with the silky, smooth feel of this feather-light foundation. Provides medium to full coverage while leaving skin feeling nearly naked.
This hypoallergenic and oil-free formula is infused with antioxidants & SPF 15 to protect against harmful UV rays.
Ideal for all skin types.
Gently pat Glowing Blush in Fantasy on the apples of your cheeks for a perfect, natural flush.
Get a gorgeous, glowing complexion with this vibrant rose with a soft matte finish powder.
This richly pigmented blush provides long-wearing color to create both soft and dramatic looks.
 And as we sail into warmer weather, add a beachy glow with Beach Club Bronzer in Lifeguard Lover.
This luminous bronzer gives skin a natural looking glow, reminiscent of a passionate poolside rendezvous.
Lightweight powder blends easily for a tantalizing tan that lasts long after the sun has set on your summer romance.
For all seasons and skin types.
 For a little extra somethin', try a pair of false Drama Lashes in Attention Whore.
Take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. 
These fun, rich black falsies allow you to achieve a look as dramatic as you desire.

And if that isn't enough, Glitterati in Gold Digger will add a luminous look to eyes, lips & cheeks.
And if you're just starting out, their Essential Makeup Kit Player's Beauty Collection will get you going in the right direction - to Glam Spot for a tutorial!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The appeal of "BAD"...

By: Heather Polyi, Owner and Lead Artist, Glam Spot NJ

What is it about the attraction to BAD!

I'm not saying it's a new thing...

I love the song Wild One, by Flo Rider
Listen and watch here...

There's A Bad Girls Club show on TV

Breaking Bad, yet another show dedicated to the subject!

Movies about Bad Teachers

Bad Bosses depicted on TV and in Hollywood...

Girls that like bad boys... (pretty much the premis of the show Jersey Shore)
There are even products like Bad Gal Mascara

 And so on....

What is my point?
Is it time for you to "take a little walk on the wild side"?

A boudoir shoot is just a little naughty!

They have "the nice girls" flocking!

There is something about dipping your toe in to feel the water of your secret inner "bad girl"
We are ready for you...

Dip your toe in!

Go Ahead...


We have your photoshoot session ready to let you, be your inner Vixen!

With Love and Glamour,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


By: Heather Polyi, Owner and Lead Artist, Glam Spot NJ

In the words of Elle Woods, "Whoever said orange is the new pink, is seriously mistaken!"

PINK is Popping up everywhere!

This is my friend Theresa's car!

Wait that's not enough!

That's right Pink interior!
I know you want to be her friend too... lol
Well come meet her she does special occasion hair with us at Glam Spot NJ ;)
And is also available for hair extension consultations and services!

Come summer, who doesn't have Cotton Candy Dreams!?...

The color is literally "popping up everywhere"


and Pink Popcorn Flowers
(They are actually called that!)

Even.... My Pink and Black straw in my Dunkin!
(Elle Would be proud of the replacement of the orange) lol

This is my daughter feelin' the pink with her lip gloss and Ganster hat!



Clothing and accesories...

Even, Mens Sneakers!!!!!!!!


I can't wait to go to the NJ Shore for one of these...

With Love and Glamour,

P.S.  This Barbie car is for Grown "Girls"
No Remote required!