Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two-Phase Makeup Remover

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru
I've got another choice in makeup remover for you, Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy Dual Formula Eye Makeup Remover. This two-phase formula is enhanced with calming white lily that is flawlessly suited to the sensitive eye area. These two phases do away with makeup and impurities in a single step without leaving a slimy film on the skin. The oily phase is composed of natural moringa and cotton oils. It immediately melts makeup, eliminates impurities and softens the skin. Vitamin E protects the skin from aging by fighting against free radicals. The aqueous phase, includes a base of purified water, is enriched with soothing white lily and cornflower water which decongests the skin. For complete protection of the entire eye area, it also contains D-Panthenol to strengthen and protect lashes. The formula contains no parabens, surfactants, fragrance or alcohol, and is suited for sensitive eyes and/or contact lens wearers. The Clinica Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1963 by the now-legendary Professor Ivo Pitanguy with the objective of providing global VIPs with aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery in an atmosphere that prizes beauty, ethics and mastery of technique above all else.