Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chase $250,000 Grant!

By Heather Polyi

Glam Spot NJ is my BABY... I mean my Business.... (lol)
We are currently TRYING to get a $250,000 grant from Chase bank!
to vote click here.... https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/72774

We are so different from every other studio out there!
We are a proud part of our community, and participate in community events.
Donating services and goods for fundraisers, and to benefit local children.
Annually we donate our services to a local River Road Dance Studio, called Dance Designs.  For one finally we actually transformed 70 dancers into "Thriller" zombies.
We donated makeup services to The Elmwood Park Project Graduation Fashion show, and baskets for fundraising Tricky Trays for numerous organizations.

Last weekend we sponsored a trophy for the Classic Car Show driving new customers into the community.  We are a proud member of our Chamber of Commerce, and River Road Improvement group.  Proudly we have been featured in our local Community News, and in our local Patch. 

We raised money for one of out Breast cancer Recovery clients, for her walk team at our most recent event 2 weeks ago, and were proud to do so!
We do these things not out of obligation, but out of our belief in giving back, and community support, and old fashioned good will!
We do business the old fashioned way, Caring for our clients!

Our modest studio goes without hair chairs, we even have an empty wall where a canvas picture should go.... but we simply have not been able to afford those things.
Yet, we continue to volunteer and donate!

Please take the 10 seconds it takes to vote...
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and check out our WORK online @ http://glamspotnj.com
we are leaders in our industry, and our clients are the spotlight!

This Grant will allow us to get those hair chairs as mentioned above (LOL)
adorn the walls...
purchase on hand stock to address clients needs in the moment.
Have Studio hours with trained staff on location to service.
and overall improve and grow!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a community WE CAN GET THIS GRANT!