Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The appeal of "BAD"...

By: Heather Polyi, Owner and Lead Artist, Glam Spot NJ

What is it about the attraction to BAD!

I'm not saying it's a new thing...

I love the song Wild One, by Flo Rider
Listen and watch here...

There's A Bad Girls Club show on TV

Breaking Bad, yet another show dedicated to the subject!

Movies about Bad Teachers

Bad Bosses depicted on TV and in Hollywood...

Girls that like bad boys... (pretty much the premis of the show Jersey Shore)
There are even products like Bad Gal Mascara

 And so on....

What is my point?
Is it time for you to "take a little walk on the wild side"?

A boudoir shoot is just a little naughty!

They have "the nice girls" flocking!

There is something about dipping your toe in to feel the water of your secret inner "bad girl"
We are ready for you...

Dip your toe in!

Go Ahead...


We have your photoshoot session ready to let you, be your inner Vixen!

With Love and Glamour,

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