Wednesday, May 30, 2012


By Bridget Hudzik
Eyeliner can be such a pain when it starts to wear down.
You sharpen all the time.
You mess up because you have no handle to hold.
Your line becomes thick because you need a finer point.
Eyeko London will solve it all with their Skinny Eyeliner Pencils for precise definition and intense color.
It is so super thin that you almost have to apply it incorrectly to actually see it. One sweep of the tip will get the point across, but when you lay the whole thing down, it creates a smooth line that lasts until you wash it off at night.
Available in six colors, even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use.
Max and Nina Leykind "We invented the Eyeko Shield  - a unique beauty tool created for enhanced application to help you obtain the perfect lash look. Pop it behind your lashes and never ruin your look with smudged lids again.”
 They also have your perfect mascara - or your money back.
Love it when companies offer that!

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