Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This season's ONE must have PRODUCT!!!!!!

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty GURU

This ever changing weather is totally drying me out!
 My poor lips look like raisins left out for days!
I needed a solution fast and looked for something that could completely cure all of my lip problems, but I just couldn't find anything that had it all without breaking my bank.
But then, rising up from the ash, ck one Pop Culture Color + Treat Lip Kit. This really has it all!
It's a portable lip scrub plus a balm, a plumper, a gloss, and a color, all piled into one compact.
I can literally use this company anywhere - even at my office desk! I applied the green scrub at my desk and then wiped it off with a napkin when I got to the diner for lunch. And with the help of the included mirror, I layered on some color and gloss for late-afternoon glamour.
What a great idea!!!!!  So glad they came out with this!!!!!

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