Friday, March 16, 2012

"Oh Angelina, how we love your perfect pout"

Posted by Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru 
"Oh Angelina how we love your perfect pout."
Big, full, plump, luscious lips.
 Love them.
Got to have them.
Be obsessed with them.
That's why Buxom lip gloss exists.
"I'm picky when it comes to tingly things on my lips" (that's what she said?) and, "I especially do not like it when they burn" (that's what she said?). 

Buxom gloss happens to be one that does not do too much of either complaint/concern, so after I received a free sample, I was instantly in love!

I ran, not walked... 

 Ran, and bought the full size Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Dolly.
It creates the perfect glossy, shiny, kissable lip!
It comes in many shades this was just my personal fav.
Check them out and find yours! ;)
Now, this is totally unrelated...  but, after all this Buxom lip talk, I am inspired to share...
 (and just because this is so darn cute...)
Check out this adorable sugar and creamer set...
Totally Glam Spot NJ perfection!
  It's all about the pucker!

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