Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now that I have all this great stuff, Where do I put it?

By Heather Polyi, and Bridget Hudzik

Organizing all the little compacts, shadows, lashes etc... can prove frustrating!
We have a few finds and suggestions to share! :)

Bridget and I put this story together after discussing how we both have multiple bags of cosmetics kept in multiple locations. Some are in places where we are sure to remember - a year later, and by then, as cosmetics rules go, we are replacing everything in that bag because it's all gotten old from forgotten use.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel that leads to better organization!  This first solution option- is The Nifty Cosmetics Organizing Carousel. It comes in "Nifty" colors (cream, pink, rose) and will fit in "nifty" places since it's only 9 x 9 x 8 inches. It spins too! Only down side is the space between tiers, so not anything and everything will fit. However, some key brushes, your primer, foundation, eyelash curler, tweezers, nail polish remover, everyday lipsticks, a bronzer, a few blushes, and a daily eye palette will fit perfectly and solve the problem of getting ready in the morning, and not being able to find your lipstick!
For those of us that own over 50 lip glosses alone...  this will only work for our basics... 

Glam Spotters meet, The Princess Cosmetic Storage System!  It has 5 regular drawers, and a taller drawer for nail polishes!  The clear Lucite is great so you can see what is inside without pushing things around, and it's easy to clean with Windex.  This is getting up there in price however...  At $299 you better have a few things to go in there!

Now if you have even more cosmetics to organize, or that is just not your style...
here are some other ideas!
 Baskets are always great, and can be found in all sizes, shapes, and colors at all price points, they often aren't practical due to the counter space they take up, however work great on low shelves, and in powder rooms!  I love them for glosses, and lipsticks!
 Larger items, Like Body Creams, Butters, Sunless Tanners, Scrubs, Shimmers etc...  What do we do with those?
Tall bins as shown above, Caddies as seen below, or shelf space with dividers!
(aren't these cute)

 The ever popular storage bin!  Our least favorite, however effective to some degree
 The Target, or Ikea "drawers"  with little Ikea pencil cups etc...  to hold "stuff"
Not a favorite, but will do in a pinch and on a budget!
 For most people, something this elaborate isn't practical...  however if you have the space this would be ideal!  Hey a girl can dream!   :)
 This last option is great if you have ZERO space!  You take a large plastic storage bin on wheels, and add dividers... then just roll it out from under your bed... Great for THE NY studio apt. dweller!

We hope there is something in here to help you find that Limited Edition lipstick you bought and can't replace! :)

With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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