Friday, March 16, 2012

Mad for 'Mad Men'!!

by:Heather Polyi;  Owner/key Artist Glam Spot NJ

This just in!
MAD MEN by Estee Lauder has arrived...
& we are "Mad" for Mad Men!

The packaging matches her vintage dress, worn in the ad above! 
It's not quite a collection with only two products...
But, they are causing a "stir"!

The lipstick is MINI and $28.00
The blush is a silky smooth cream, but you are paying for the compact at $45.00

This is both the blush and lip on my hand... 
 Great color, and the lip has a soft nourishing feel, and shine!

Me, with the blush applied, and about to try the lip...

 let me take down my hair...

Alrighty then!
Yep, I love them both!
I recieved more compliments today then I remember in a long time!
If you are in the mood for a SPLUGE...
Check out these two additions to your make up collection!
So What is Mad Men????
If you don't know anything about the show...
here is the Readers Digest version:
Airing on cable's American Movie Channel, the weekly series is the story of a major advertising agency operating in New York on Madison Avenue in the year 1960.
The most successful ad executive is Don Draper (Jon Hamm), who is the expert at "playing the game" while servicing accounts ranging from cigarette manufacturers to political candidates, but is also an accomplished ladies' man.
The show revolves around Draper's need to always be at the top of his professional form, as there are scores of hungry young executives eager to knock him down and become the new lion at the top of the food chain...
The show maintains a true authenticity to the era, and the industry... depicting the social behaviors of that time...  A time when woman were objectified, and minorities pushed aside...
 The show is "Spot ON"
We are "mad" for Mad Men the show!
We are "mad" for the two new Lauder Mad Men inspired products!
but, we are MAD that the lipstick is so small for the price,
and MAD that the collection is so small!
Come on Lauder, you have a WINNER here...
Why not knock it out of the park!?????
With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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