Friday, March 9, 2012

Amazonian Clay: "What is it?"

By: Heather Polyi Owner/Key Artist of Glam spot NJ
Amazonian Clay?  What is it and why do we care?
Recently there is a lot of talk about Amazonian clay, some brands are using "white" clay but it appears that, "Clay", "White Clay"... are the same thing. 
Amazonian Clay goes from white to tan naturally, and they are both equal as far as what they possess, as therapeutic properties!
Amazonian Clay is rich in mineral salts like calcium, iron, potassium, and sulfur.
 It is appearing in makeup due to it's ability to beautify any skin type. 
Traditionally used in skincare, and most often appearing in the form of masks, and body care.
Amazonian Clay has been used in Brazil for centuries in skin cleansing and regeneration and is known to combat free radicals and channel positive energy.
So why would Tarte make Amazonian Clay Mascara??? 
Not sure! 
I do however think the idea of it in foundation is Fantastic.  Foundation is worn closest to the skin, and all day.
So I had to try it, and it's "The Real Deal"!

 This foundation works to reduce the appearance of pores, discoloration, and imperfections, and helps ensure a perfectly flawless complexion. 
The formula is also SPF 15 for total incidental sun exposure.

It feels great, and wears beautifully throughout the day! Give it a try if you are in the market for a new foundation...  But don't give up your skincare! ;) 

The Hype

Tarte touts that due to the Amazonian Clay, this $19 mascara intuitively lengthens, conditions and repairs dry and brittle lashes making this the first and only "smart" mascara that instinctively reads and treats your unique lash concerns.
And I have land in Florida I can sell ya!
Lash concerns?
 It goes as far as boasting, that in a consumer panel survey, 91% of subjects saw healthier lashes in 3 weeks.
Compared to what???? 
If you go up against clients wearing Maybelline Mascara... 
 There are no details as to what the subjects were currently using! 
It claims that a huge benefit, is that by absorbing excess oil it keeps lashes balanced and keeps the product in place.
I have never met an oily lash as long as I have been a makeup artist! 
An oily lid does not interfere with mascara wear! 
Sorry Tarte!
I did try it and liked it, but not more than what I am using!  
many mascaras are great for your lashes, this one...
"Don't believe the HYPE"

I am in love with this...
I love me a primer! 
This is listed as a "serum"  however due to it's smoothing ability, I love it as an illuminating primer. Worn over my BEYOND incredible SK2 Skincare ritual!
Don't give up your Serum and moisturizer!

This natural skin brightener is infused with Amazonian clay,
 vitamins and tea extract.
It provides minimal hydration.
I don't recommend it's use as the company describes, as a serum
However it does add a hint of glimmer,
and a beautiful smoothing effect, perfect as a primer before foundation!

As far as the rest of the products...
If you like the color Great!
Just don't be sold on the benefits of Amazonian Clay!
The foundation, and "the primer" Are worn all day and close to the skin.
 In that case,
you will benefit from the Clay... 
In a blush...
Not so much!
With love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ 

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