Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boots Olive Wonderbalm

Posted by Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru

London is such a beautiful rainy place. I studied abroad there for a winter semester and had a super fantastic time.  Being the beauty freak that I am, I had to check out their scene and what was popular. The must-have brand, Boots, was what we all reached for since it was perfect for a college student budget and the products performed as-promised.
You can bet I was completely overjoyed when Boots finally walked on water over to the US. 

With this ever-changing weather, my skin thirsts for nourishment and Boots Olive Wonderbalm really helps. With just one overnight application to my dry, cracked heels, slipped on some socks and woke up the next morning to smooth, healthy feet. Even the leftover from my foot application that made it to my elbows made a huge difference.
I wish I had had found this stuff earlier in the winter when other body parts also needed some love.

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