Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Oh baby, Eye Got what you need!"

By Heather Polyi, Owner/Lead Artist Glam Spot NJ
Ok, so your walking through the make up department at your favorite store and, you have no clue what you are looking at, what you are looking for, and salespeople are hawking your every flinch!!!!

It's like Freddy Kruger...
Don't scream!!!

You need a little confidence and guidance before being bombarded with impulse purchases, you will use once and toss aside!

You may even have an image in your mind of the perfect browney pink, that is not too blue or too orange... with no shimmer but not matte... It's not dark, not light... It's like Goldilocks and the three bears!!!

 Just Right!

It's also a fairy tale!
A story in your minds eye, accomplishable only with a blend of things!!!

You may have a page ripped out of a magazine! Don't be fooled by post production airbrushing, and photoshop color enhancers. In real life and real light things won't EVER look the same!

This is Your Cliff notes!
The test is later! Lol

From the very basics, to the kick it up a notch shadows that you need to know about, after this you will simply ask for them by name!

No intimidation!!!!
(sigh of relief)

This is Tarte's Femme Naturale refillable eyeshadow palette, it is filled with 10 mineral-based eyeshadows, a double-ended brush and double ended eyeliner!  The base for the shadows is magnetic so you can refill it! 
Practical and environmentally friendly!
A perfect start for your make up collection!!!

Now it's time to Get Naked!!!
Not with me, with Urban Decay's NAKED palette. (lol) 
This palette was so popular when it launched, it sold out across the country immediately!
It was set up to be a limited edition product, and it was brought back. 
Like any successful movie, it too has a sequel.
Naked 2!
(We are still perfectly happy with the original.)  With 12 Gorgeous shadows all with amazing color payoff, and perfect neutrals for all skin tones, you can't miss with this palette. 
(It is also a great gift.) 

****Palettes are great when you are building a kit or a personal collection, There are however a few staples every girl NEEDS, or just needs to know about:
#1 Stila "Kitten" Shadow
#2 MAC shadows in; "Cork", "Carbon", and "Rice Paper"

#3 NARS "Rated R" duo

#4 Laura Mercier "St. Germaine" shadow
#5 Trish McEvoy "Rose Gold" shadow
#6 Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in pink "Dollipop" and purple "Poison Plum"

#7 Any Make Up Forever colors you are drawn to... purples, greens, maroons... They come in gradations like paint swatches!
You will also need an eye primer. 
Yes ,one comes in the Urban Decay palette... 
My Favorite is Lime Crime.
I have turned many of my clients on to it, with ALL RAVE reviews!!!
I use it, and after seeing the difference in application, my clients choose it as well.
While we are on the subject: The Limited Edition Lime Crime, China Doll palette is bright and fun. 
This adds the perfect POP to what are mostly neutrals that I have shared. 
This 5 shadow palette is high impact and houses colors that look like crayola paints from your childhood, and you are thinking I am completely NUTS right now! 

These colors are amazing, I will teach you how to use them without looking CRAZY!
This is just for starters...
You've got this...
Now go out there and get em tiger, your ready to conquer the cosmetics department!!
You are armed!

...But if you want just a bit more AMMO, and some additional diversity... pick up Urban Decay's "AMMO" palette...
  These colors incorporated with some of the basics mentioned, will have you
"sittin' pretty"
Literally!!! ;)
Get your colors and your questions ready!
Glam Spot NJ
Is coming soon!

With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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