Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Lip Service"

By Heather Polyi, Owner/Lead Artist Glam Spot NJ

This Spring is all about telling a story with your lip look, before you even speak a word!!

You have to know about the Oddities and Hot Commodities!!

The lip tattoo!
  Nothing permanent mom, just pure fun for about 5 hours!!!

These come in every pattern you can imagine... From flags to fishnet, you get 3 tattoos in a pack, and they range in price from $9.50-$14.50 per pack.

PLEASE: Take the time to WATCH the tutorial if you attempt this, You could have a crooked mouth all day :(  Not a good look!

Did somebody call the "Polyi's"  There has been a "Lime Crime", not a crime against limes, but a name in cosmetics you may not be familiar, as it is not as easily found as MAC.
The purple packaging, and unicorn symbol aren't the only things that bring out my inner child feeling when I "play" with these lipsticks!!!

It's the colors!
  With names like mint to be, your lips look like mint ice cream just coated them!

It's lipstick, it should be "fun"!

These lips are for a more daring look, or to match the new Ivanka Trump heels you saw...
 (Just sayin')

 But, I don't mean to imply you should be the first on your block to "rock" baby blue at the next PTA meeting... (unless you're

Lime Crime is not the only name in the opaque colors game... Ka ior
Carries colors other cosmetics companies kick! (Say that three times fast!!!)

My favorite is SEX! 
No that's not TMI, it's the name of my favorite color!!! 
True to it's name it is a "purple passion" color (as seen below) 

They totally MATCH! Right???

MAC's new Viva Glam with Nicki Minaj as the inspiration, is a wearable entrant into this discussion, don't sleep on it, it's BRIGHT! All skin tones can pull it off though, it's a coral/pink!

So, if you want your lips to do the talkin'...
You are ready to start walkin'!!!!

 You have officially been "served"!!!

Which color will you dare to try?
  Share it with us on our FB page!
Glam Spot NJ
With love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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