Monday, March 19, 2012

A "Dreamy, Bouncy" find in the drug store!

Posted by Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru

There is a great find in your local drug store... 
This beautiful blush is being marketed to a younger client, I noticed as I flipped through the pages of Teen Vogue! 
However finding the perfect blush is pertinent to us all, and not all of us enjoy the hefty price tag associated with department store brands! 

Enter Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, It's Dreamy and Bouncy! LOL
It is a powder blush in a compact that contains a sponge that lives underneath, the sponge is loaded with a gel formula for perfect application, making it a Powder-Gel Formula, Unique!

It's actually super easy to apply: push your finger into the sponge and pat the color directly to your cheeks. A fantastic idea for those who like to touch up throughout the day; no need for a brush. And with 10 colors to choose from, this works on any skin tone.

This is a great choice for those who have redness issues, 10 shades give you a lot of range!  Choose one of the more neutral, or peachey tones.

Hurry though, I was just in CVS, and they were almost SOLD OUT!  I spoke to the Cosmetics Manager and uncovered that this little gem is selling out everywhere.
People are coming in asking for it from the advertising.
If you want this for spring... 
Spring into action!
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