Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"I don't want to look like a Stay at Home MOM"

By: Heather Polyi Owner/Lead Artist Glam Spot NJ

I Don't want to look like a stay at home mom

This entry is dedicated to my good friend that took to Facebook and posted this Cry for HELP:  "I have decided that I no longer want to look like a frumpy stay at home mom...I want to look polished and sophisticated. Who wants to help teach me how to put on makeup and how to do something other then blow out my hair???"

I am the mother of two, and when I am not OUT I am a yoga pant wearing, bun wrapping, no make up girl...   I SWEAR!  This is a FACT all the other moms at School drop off and pick up will attest to!

However, I clean up pretty good! LOL

This is a 5 min. Makeup application!  Not elaborate, just pulled together! 

A bold lip, always makes your look more "finished"

This look consists of:
Smashbox Primer Light (under foundation)
SK2 Foundation (such great coverage, no concealer needed)
Beige eyeshadow, with dark brown shadow in the corner.
Black top liner applied thin across the lid and thick in the outer corner
Black liner across the bottom lid as well.
Black Mascara (Panthera for lengthening)
Rimmell by Kate Moss RED LIPSTICK
Peach blush and powder applied to finish everything...
I should have filled in my brows but I only had 5 min. ;)

Similar 5 min application, this time with a bright pink lip (MAC)
Brows filled in this time! :)

Me on the set at Selling NY
Hair Pulled back, but still professional looking.
Same basic 5 min application:  Kicked up to 10 min.
Bronzer, Highlighter and blush blended for a natural polished look.
eyes popped with more definition in the crease, and a highlight below the brow.
Brow filled in.
Eye liner applied thick above and below.
Matte Lipstick in a neutral color(G Spot)

Hope this helps...
More to come...
If you are feeling the same way as my Facebook friend...
Call 201-927-0686, and book an appointment with me TODAY!
With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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