Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stuff Beauty Junkies say!!!

By Heather Polyi Owner/Lead Artist Glam Spot NJ

I had to write this Blog...  We say some funny things!

I told the girl that does my Brazilian wax, how I cancelled my Dr.'s appt. because I booked it the same time as my Brazilian!  Listen, I'm not missing that appointment! LOL
This morning I open Glam Spot NJ's Facebook page, and I see this quote byBitterstarlite Makeup
"Covered my feet in lotion and sleeping in socks tonight in an attempt to have soft feet! Oh the weird things beauty will make you do ;)"
Recently a friend of mine, was going through a bad break up. In the midst of her crying, she paused, while wiping away her tears...
She said, "this MF is gonna give me wrinkles!".
We both laughed...
She added, "I'm gonna have to use serum and eye cream all day tomorrow!!!"
(painting by Sas Christian)  Amazing Artist!
While watching a serious movie, I exclaimed, "wow, how much liner did they pile on that guy?"
Only I would ruin a movie with an eyeliner comment!!!

Or, is it only me???


It's every Glam Girl I know!

We notice the news anchor with one eye completed! (True story) 

We steam our pores, exfoliate, and mask our blemishes!

We highlight and contour to go to the grocerie store!
My friend (That shall remain nameless, makes sure her gloss is poppin to drop her daughter off at school in the morning)

We are Beauty junkies!

Stuff we say....

Someone will ask, "What color is on your eyes?"
The smile we make before we answer is the real answer!
"what color don't I have on my eyes?"
It's usually like 6!!!
(Same with lips!)
Never one color, always a combination and always something limited edition and discontinued.

"who lied to her?"
That is what we say to the girl that says "I don't need makeup!"

"I use bar soap to wash my face!!!"
I literally, turn into Chris Rock!!!
I look at you like a Betamax, like, "they still make you?"

"For real though, have you ever thought about your skin?" "Have you ever read one article regarding its well being?" "It's the largest organ of your body!!!"

I digress but, they are all things we say!

"If one more person tells me they can't wear shadow with any shimmer because they are too old, my head might pop off!"
Excuse my eyes rolling... I apologise in advance!
"It's Glitter that looks ridiculous, shimmer is fine depending on where you put it!"

"there are no rules to makeup."

"if someone tells you rules, run screaming in the night!"

"there's a cure for dark circles!" "Really?!!! Your a liar, tell your story walking'"

"a good makeup artist is like a tatoo artist! The cheap ones aren't good, and the good ones ain't cheap!!!"

"I need a good peel!"

"I know a Dr. that does injections for $300!"

"I need a change, so I cut my hair and now I need new lipstick!"

"you have to try this new_______ I found! It's incredible". (fill in the blank)

You look so pretty today! "really? I don't even have any makeup on!"

"they discontinued my favorite ________."
(fill in the blank)

There are so many more...
I will update more as the scenarios arise!
In the meantime...

Don't follow anyone's makeup rules!
Don't believe the hype...
And remember, you get what you pay for!
If you can't tell the difference, don't pay the difference...
*There is a difference!

With love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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