Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peat Moss Mask!

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru

Give your skin a beautiful rosey glow without shoveling tons of snow!
(Ooh that rhymed)
100% natural Organic Irish peat is the main ingredient in ÓGRA Skincare Peat Face and Body Mask.
Peat re-establishes the PH balance of the skin and encourages blood flow through a tingling sensation, and appears slightly flushed.
(This is a perfectly normal experience as the science of an ion exchange is taking place and the bloodflow is increased on the surface of skin.)
Leave it on for 10 minutes, wash off with warm water - just remember to avoid your eye and lip area.
The peat is harvested from Raised Bogs which are available only in the center of Ireland.
These bogs have evolved since the melting of the Ice age and the peat on them is produced through precipitation only.
Peat is the material that is formed when plant remains partially decompose, kinda like the organic soil layer found immediately below the vegetation layer of a bog.
The layer contains 90% water and the remainder is dry matter. Due to the existence of an anaerobic condition on the bog, plant remains only partially de-compose. Creepy fact: the natural goodness that exists within the bogs vegetation also acts as a preservation substance.
In recent years, bodies hundreds of years old have been found in bogs, preserved well because of its scientific properties. The use of peat in beauty products began during the Roman Empire because of its rejuvenating benefits that come from the abundance of essential oils, humic acids, and lipoids contained within.

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