Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas!

By: Heather Polyi  Owner/Lead Artist  Glam Spot NJ

I always struggle with the notion of "what I want for Christmas"!
Not because I want EVERYTHING, but because I truly WANT nothing!
 (these angelwings were made from paper plates!!!)
I have two beautiful daughters, a husband, a warm home. 
I don't really NEED anything more!
I hope their Christmas is filled with wide eyed wonder.
The ability to experience it through their eyes IS A GIFT!
With that said...
There are things I don't OWN that would be fun to have, not to mention fun to give...
I am a sucker for music.
The Lotus CD By Christina Aguilera is top on my list...
I am a singer, and love her voice and the song "Sing for me" is amazing, it is my theme song right now!
I wouldn't buy an expensive candle for myself, so I happen to appreciate a nice gifted candle!
These holiday candles by Dyptique smell like the season, and have a sophisticated elegance!
aren't they beautiful???
A complicated thing to purchase for friends, but MAC got it right this year!
ANYONE, would be happy to open any of these MAC sets!
I adore this collection!
I love Sparkley things, and love fingerless gloves... 
This is something I would never SPLURGE on....
so, they make the list!
   Versace, leather, fingerless gloves!
How Glam are these???? WOW!

Sweat suits by Twisted heart,

or Wild Fox

Speaking of Wild Fox, enter to win their $2000 clothing contest for the new year!
Hurry, Hurry...
But just know, you are competing with me... (lol) ;0

I love the magic in the air this time of year!
One of the best things you can do, is give a gift of a donation to Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, or a local shelter...
Many organizations sell clothing, and your $ goes to a good cause!
My youngest daughter has Angelman Syndrome, my friend gave me a F.A.S.T hooded sweatshirt.  Her money went to the organization looking for a cure, and I got a great sweatshirt to spread awareness!
My daughter has a fund as well called, "team Lyra"
Shirts supporting her cause can be purchased here!
No matter what is on your wish list...
I wish you Peace, Love, happiness, and togetherness this year!
With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ


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