Monday, January 14, 2013

Color inspiration!

By, Heather Polyi. Owner/Lead artist. Glam Spot NJ

One of THE MOST intimidating things to many of my clients, is How to put colors together!!!!!

I have even "shopped" with clients and for clients, to help them maneuver the cosmetics floor... Testing products for quality and putting "color palettes" together!

So, I'm looking at Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and as I browse the beautiful DECOR ideas, I noticed how they break down the color choices into "palettes" on the bottom...  (these color blocks look like eye shadow palettes, because they are chosen in the same manner!)
Beauty magazines don't offer much assistance in picking you color choices, they really only help with PRODUCT choices!
Want to try some new colors...
Browse through your Home magazines!
The colors they use in decor are based off the same color wheel!!!!
 Color is color!
If it compliments a room it will compliment your eyes!!!!!

Rip out a few pages and take them to the beauty dept. with you!!!!

You will be empowered and inspired!

Feel free and hit Home Depot on your way home too...
Better Homes and Gardens always makes me want to buy paint!!!


With love and glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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