Monday, January 7, 2013

Bridal Beauty de-mystified

By Heather Polyi   Owner/Lead Artist  Glam Spot NJ

Are you engaged?
There is so much to do to plan your big day!
Take a deep breath!

As a leader in Bridal Beauty we are here to help you!

After your beautiful dream wedding is over you will have the memories, and the pictures to reflect on!
In those pictures, you want to look your best!
Do not leave your life long memories in the hands of anyone but the best!
The flowers have died, your dress preserved in a box, but your picture will be hung prominently in your home for years to come....

This is where we come in...
We are behind the scenes!
The makeup artists, and hair specialists, at your service, to make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL!...
Still looking for a photographer?
Glam Spot NJ even has an IN HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER!
Elyse Marie Photography offers amazing rates to her Glam Spot NJ Brides!

Book a risk free, in studio trial ($100) for both makeup application and hair styling!
*right now, your trial appointment enters you, into our contest for a free trip to Aruba! (until June 21st)

How much does it cost the day of your wedding?

For the Bride:
We come to you! 
On location services... bringing our expertise, and products, on time, to wherever you are getting ready for your big day!

(We will have had a trial, and you will be confident in knowing we know you, your preferences, and have your look all mapped out!)

*Bridal Package for makeup and hair $400 (Bride only)
*When your entire bridal party is being done, your bridal price drops to $350...  (so this is not an exact science)

Compare our prices, to traveling out of your way, to a a reputable SPA or Salon...
(Rates of Elizabeth Arden NYC)

They charge:
Bridal Trial $200  ($100 for makeup, $100 for hair)
*$100 more then us...

The Day of, They charge: 
Makeup $95.00
Hair $140
Total: $235
(*The day of, is $165.00 less, but you spent $100 more at the trial, so it's really only $65.00 less then our on location services!)
Not to mention, if your bridal party is being done by us, it's only a $15.00 difference

To have Glam Spot NJ bring our bridal specialists to you, our expertise, no extra charges for lashes, or last min. touch ups...  you pay $65.00 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND, as stated above, if your bridal party is being done by us, it's only a $15.00 difference.

How much is it for your bridal party?
If needed, bridal party Trials: $100 (makeup and hair!)

Day of:
Makeup only $125
Hair only $100
Makeup and hair package $175 without lashes, $200 with lashes

Compared to:
Trials of $200
Traveling to a location, and paying: (*same location as above*)
Makeup only $95
Hair Only $85
No Packages!  Total $180 without lashes, $205 with lashes!!!!!!!!!!

Parties of 5 or more being done by Glam Spot NJ... 
WE STAY with you, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, from the hotel, to the church, to the reception...
touching ALL of you up, like A list celebrities.... ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

We stay until you are announced as husband and wife at your reception!
This is our most popular offering!


Is it expensive?
Is it competitive?
Is it convenient?
How much more do you pay for this convenience?
$65.00! (or $15 if your bridal party is being done by us)
Is it worth it?

With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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