Thursday, January 10, 2013

Through the camera lens

By Elyse Marie Moniot   Owner/Lead Shooter    Elyse Marie Photography

My name is Elyse Marie, and I am proud to be the In-House photographer for Glam Spot NJ, in addition to owning Elyse Marie Photography (Formerly, Elyse Moniot Studio) I wanted to Blog from the photographers perspective on how to have a successful photoshoot, for YOU, the consumer.

As time goes on, you can look forward to tips on posing, clothing, and how to make your pictures the most flattering that they can be.

Before all this though I'm going to start out with a few of the questions that people ask me on a regular basis in order to help give you, an inside look as to how I personally shoot/edit/run things.

"Wow, I love your work! How do I book you??"

-The answer to this is remarkably easy! You can message me on my Facebook, (Elyse Marie Photography), or you can email me personally at can also book me through Heather, the lead makeup artist at Glam Spot NJ.  (201-927-0686)
"So, do I really NEED professional makeup and hair?"

-In my opinion, emphatically yes. You see, You may be very good at doing your own makeup on a daily basis, but daily makeup is VERY different from what translates well in front of a camera with lights. Without a professional guiding you, you're looking at the possibility of dark circles, wonky pores, frizzy hair and a various amount of other skin/shadow issues. Although I Photoshop obvious imperfections, no amount of Photoshop will be able to completely hide said issues (that everyone has!) and look natural. If you're going to get your pictures professionally taken, it only makes sense to go that extra step and use a professional makeup artist, and have your hair styled and coiffed perfectly. Since you're on the Glam Spot NJ blog, I think you've got your makeup artist, and hair covered!

"Ok, So I'm booked for my shoot,  and I have makeup/hair set up. Now what?"

-The first step is setting up a date, Either Heather or myself will call you, and ask you what you want from the shoot, as far as image quantity, shoot style, ect, and we will give you a price from there. We will typically collect a min. of a $50 deposit before the day of shooting, in order to secure your time slot and date. This $50 will go towards the amt. discussed.
When you arrive, the team will begin pampering you, and working with you in order to help give you the makeup/style that you deserve, and desire.
I will sit with you during this time, and get to know you a bit better. I like to talk about what direction you feel like taking the shoot, and how to best suit your needs.

"What should I bring?"
- I typically require my models (and yes, all of you are models!) to bring the following things with them on set: Your I.D, clothing that you feel your most attractive in, and your best smile! If you're shooting boudoir, I'll typically have you produce I.D so I can verify your age, and I have everyone sign a contract with me, outlining that you paid for your pictures, and whether or not I have permission to use the images to promote my business or not.

"How many pictures do I get?"
-This will completely depend an what we have discussed before the shoot, during the booking phase. Typically, I'll shoot anywhere between 250-500 pictures. From there, I narrow it down quite a bit, to about 20 of the very best images. I will do basic color clean ups, and light Photoshopping, and from there, I choose only the best of the best, the PRIME pictures to do heavy Photoshop editing on. I'll give you a disc of the 20 high resolution images, all watermarked (unless previously discussed otherwise), and voila! I know people get antsy about seeing their pictures, so I try to have at least one up on Facebook a few days later, so you can get a peek of what beautiful work we've done together!

Well, there you have it! I hope you find what I've written informative, and I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you, and creating beautiful images that last a lifetime and beyond.

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