Sunday, August 5, 2012

The answer is SERUM!

By: Heather Polyi  Owner/Key Artist  Glam Spot NJ

Recently I wrote a blog "What do you use on your skin?" detailing my skincare routine...

I didn't list the Serums...
Your fresh face goes through major changes...
There isn't ONE serum that is perfect for all the season changes, lifestyle changes... etc... that we go through!
So There is not one to discuss there are MANY!
Serums penetrate the skin the deepest, so this is where you get YOUR RESULTS!
Use a  $15 moisturizer but rock it out with a serum!
Don't be fooled by Stem cells in expensive serums...  There is no evidence to support any claims that they do anything topically!
Don't be fooled by topical collagen...  another gimmick!
Here it goes:
First an Eye Serum!
Yes an eye serum! 
This is the area we show our age first!
Work on it!

Elite Serum...
This serum appeared on the show Dr. Oz which is how I learned about it!
It looks like an injection, but it's not...
the results are RIDICULOUS!
Check this out!

Don't take my word for it try it yourself!

Onto the face! (DAY TIME)

My fave. serum at the moment is pricey!
Christian Dior Totalle

My skin glows, feels firmer, and I saw a difference in 3 days!
at $130.00 It is not gonna be the first serum you try!

The next,
Chanel Hydromax Serum has been one of my faves since I worked for Chanel.
If you are feeling dehydrated...  use this for a few days or layer with an anti-aging serum and BANG!
AMAZING! $75.00

Caudale'... This is a beautiful serum, it smells good, feels good, and is loaded with antioxidants!
@ $59.00 it may be more on the affordable side for effective serums!  I use this when my skin feels like it just wants a change...

Lastly Borba!
I love this when I am OILY!!!!!  It doesn't add any extra shine onto the skin, your face will just "drink it in" $45.00 It's not my GO TO, because I feel like my skin needs more, as far as prevention for aging!
Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Concentrate!
Don't leave home without it, and if you do... Buy one at your destination!
This little bottle is my fountain of youth! I swear by it!

Now........ After the Spring/Summer months, I will be using a "brightening" or whitening Serum to assist in any hyper pigmentation I may have picked up over the summer...

This is not a magic wand to fix sun damage...
(I wear SPF 50-100 everyday, and try to avoid over exposure to the sun.)
With that said, there is no FIX for DAMAGE, just ASSISTANCE!

I do what I can so that the spots that now, disappear in the winter, won't permanently APPEAR one day with a vengeance! 
Oh they WILL one day rise to the surface, but to what degree?
That is where SKINCARE COMES IN!
Day and night I will use this serum SK2's Brightening Derm Specialist $130 and other products from this brightening line to "clean up" my skin from sun damage! 
It will leave you dehydrated, so I layer!  
With either Chanel Hydromax *pictured earlier* or.... Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum $58.

Let us know what you try and how it works for you!
There are soooo many to choose from out there...
These are just the ones I LOVE, after trying SOOO many myself!

Serums are Beyond important!
Do Not Skip This Step!

 With Love and Glamour

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