Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shielded from Disaster!

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru
I'm gonna say it! 
This is GOLD!
Other companies have made them but this one is priced right and ROCKS!

Eyeshadow fallout.
We all dislike it, especially from our darker shadows when it really shows.

Have no fear, there is a cure!

The e.l.f. shield offers a simple solution; you place it under your eyes while applying mascara and shadow, and you'll end up with the look you originally were going for. e.l.f. says, "Apply eye makeup flawlessly with this innovative and mistake-proof Mascara & Shadow Shield.

The silicon flexible and convenient design works to shield your skin against mascara smears and eyeshadow fallout.

The reusable and reversible design works on both eyes, under eye or over eye, for easy makeup application.

The ideal tool for achieving gorgeous eye looks without smudges and fallout! Great for makeup artists or aspiring makeup artists."

Here's how it works: Before you apply eyeshadow or mascara, place the shield below the bottom lash line, using the it to guard you against any makeup smears, fallout, or mistakes.

You can also use it above the eye when applying mascara to shield against smudges on the top lashes. Clean it off before you flip it over to repeat on the other eye.

Cleanse regularly with a Brush Shampoo and lay flat to dry.

With Love and Glamour,

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