Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Lash Out", just not at me! (lol)

By; Heather Polyi  Owner/Key Artist  Glam Spot NJ

Glam Spot NJ introduces...
Semi permanent LASHES!!!!

Were Pretty EXCITED about it!

Can't apply a strip lash, and love the look of glam lashes????

We've got your back!

That's right!!!
Book your appointment with Rosemarie Furnari.
licensed esthetician
 dedicated to making clients look and feel their best.

Rosemarie has been certified in eyelash extensions and uses,
Lash out! 
This is a semi-permanent eyelash extension
giving you longer, thicker, amazing, eyelashes.

No one will know their extensions unless you tell them!
There are even different kinds! 
From synthetic to mink, they can be worn for thickness or length.

Each lash is applied individually one by one.
50-80 lashes applied to each eye.

Touch ups are needed anywhere from 2-3 weeks.
 (Please know that touch ups can also vary from person to person.)

Here is what you really want to know!

How much is it?
$150.00 (first set)
touch ups (2-3 weeks)

*extra lashes-$20.00 additional*

REFER SOMEONE, AND GET $10 of your fill in!!!!!!!!

The application takes over an hour...
(No Eye Makeup on especially)
 Rosemarie's careful hand
& impeccable standards...
 will have you beyond thrilled and ready to....

Book your appointment today!!!
With Love and Glamour

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