Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 simple steps to perfected!

By, Heather Polyi  Owner/Lead Artist  Glam Spot NJ

I have the perfect way to achieve a flawless, everyday natural look in 5 easy steps.
First, everyone needs a little coverage.  (hide redness and discoloration) 
Natural skin-toned colors work best to provide dimension and glow to your skin.

I loves SK2's Facial Treatment Cream Foundation. 
It covers, treats, and nourishes the skin, while achieving a healthy glow, so natural that ppl will say, "You have the most beautiful skin" 
Now that your skintone is even, add a subtle color to your cheeks and lips with Too Faced Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Colors. (A wonderful 2 for 1)
What it is:A blush that delivers sheer pops of color to both cheeks and lips.
What it does:
This creamy, pigment-rich blush blends effortlessly onto cheeks and lips, flushing them with luminous color. It feels lightweight and fresh, melting into skin for the most radiant and natural flush possible. 
Extra Awesomeness:
It's hydrating and nourishing and promotes a healthy complexion with a bouquet of ingredients including flower extracts, avocado, and vitamins A thru F.
For eyes, This Quad is all you need to go from day to night.
This quad creates a look of glamour and sophisticated style. 
Create the perfect smoky eye with Metallic, Black Velvet, Glam and Mime. 
The ultimate combination of modern chic and cutting edge style.
Look for MINERALOGIE to arrive at Glam Spot NJ for 2013... Complete with CUSTOM BLEND for foundation and powder!
(Once upon a time, I was a Prescriptives Master Blender, and will bring that expertise to further enhance the Glam Spot NJ experience)
It's ALL ABOUT THEM!  With nothing on but mascara, you instantly look more "together".
Sold at any drugstore you can score my Fav.
Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes

And Lastly CONTOUR!
Wishing for more defined cheekbones?
Perhaps a more sculpted jawline?

Cheat genetics by using Smashbox 3-in-1 kit to add dimension to the face with shades to contour, bronze and highlight.
An easy-to-follow guide demystifies how to add depth, blend in warmth and create that resplendent glow. 
Need help in achieving your perfect look?
The Glam Spot NJ team can show you how easy this really is!
Call today and learn how to enhance your beauty!

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