Friday, September 21, 2012

BB Cream?????

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru

What in the heck is BB CREAM?
The "BB" Stands for Blemish Balm, or Blemish Base.
(The Blemish being anything imperfect, not acne as you would think)
They seem to be popping up everywhere!
Even MAC makes a BB Cream! 
MAC re-named the first "B" for the US market, its been titled "Beauty Balm". 
Focus on the positive, not the negative!

This sector of the beauty world however has a tendency to offer 3 shades, this has been our contention with them... 
because one size does not fit all!
Our client base is too diverse to recommend products with limited color selection.
We are loving this new one!!!!!!!!!!

Grace Choi realized the shade issue and created a line offering 10 shades and even two finishes, matte and dewy.
This is the ultimate mineral based hybrid that incorporates a primer, tinted moisturizer, foundation, an oil-free formula, and is anti-aging.
It covers like a foundation, but is as light as air to smoothly apply with just a little dab.
Bonus that she'll send you a sample set you can pick your shade before you commit.
And no worries, the sample set price is deducted from your purchase.
BB creams were originally formulated first in Germany by dermatologists for the scars related to laser skin surgery, and popularized in South Korea.
These are great if you are not a huge fan of the feel of foundation or if you have Hypopigmentation...
The areas of your skin that are lighter then the rest will look natural and blended with BB cream.
With love and Glamour

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