Monday, June 4, 2012

Self Esteem, and Beauty TODAY!

By Heather Polyi, Owner and Key artist Glam Spot NJ

Self Esteem is effecting our industry like never before!
With after market photoshopping "they" have taken beautiful girls and erased a normal looking waist to make young girls feel as though that is the ideal!!!!!

This is beconimg a problem not just in the US but all over the world!

Please click the link below to experience a great new artist:
Great song by a girl with total self security!!!! 
She is who she is and is happy with her constant reinvention! 
Check her out!
Glam Spot NJ loves Kerli!!!!!!
She often writes about the crazy things girls do to try and overcome insecurity... 
but they und up transparent!
Ganguro, as reported by Kerli....

This is CRAZY...  Click the link below...
The Jersey shore kids have nothing on these "Orange" Asian faces!

This insecurity, society flaw gets bigger by the day...
Our young girls are influenced by more negatives than positives!

Glam Spot NJ, Though a cosmetic studio, believes in:
Self esteem through looking and feeling beautiful on the inside....

Work with us at Glam Spot NJ to tap into what you are afraid of....

Pre-requisite:  Buy the book "Think and Grow Rich"
With Love and Glamour,

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