Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mile High Lip Gloss

By Bridget Hudzik
It's June and that means it's time for jet-setting off to wondrous places.
That also means we'll use the dreaded word "packing" more often.
At least our lips will look good with this awesome lip gloss!

Created by Turkish makeup artist Feride Uslu and German entrepreneurial master mind Jan Mihm in 2003, uslu airlines is a Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand.
Relying on the most advanced quality formulas, uslu airlines sets the current trends with a range of fantastic colors that is second to none.
Turns out these three-letter names for each tube are airport codes meant to conjure up images of far-off places and exotic locations.
Inspired by an amazing and ever growing line-up of sexy collaborators, including Parisian Designer Bernhard Willhelm, Swiss DJ Headman, Berlin sun glass mavens MYKITA, semi-legal street artist EMESS or good old American shoe maker NIKE, they all have explored new destinations with uslu airlines.

This lipgloss has sensitive pigmentation that allows for a very sheer, natural finish.
They have been formulated for superb hold and comfortable wear, plus anything that contains avocado oil catches our attention!

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