Friday, June 8, 2012

BB in mask form?

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru
We don't always remember to take care of our skin.
So when a surprise function comes up that our face isn't ready for, we need a quick fix fast.
From the Korean pharmacopeia, Erborian has selected in priority energizing and detoxifying herbs, to stimulate the metabolism and speed up microcirculation. The result is natural anti-fatigue and strong anti-aging properties.
Korean medicinal herbs have a double advantage; they are highly effective because they are pure and concentrated in actives, minerals, antioxidants, and they are very well tolerated because they are natural.

Traditionally, Korean people take it in the form of powder, pills, or ointment, according to the prescriptions of a traditional doctor.
Enter their quick fix that we are looking for.
The Erborian Sleeping BB Mask, according to Bliss, uses a formula of these age-old Korean medicinal herbs to give stressed skin a soft, velvety, flaw-free finish by morning.
The rich yet non-greasy formula hugs your skin while you sleep, simulating the effect of a spa wrap to hydrate, revitalize and erase signs of weariness. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘slept like a baby’.
Use it two or three times a week to revitalize over-stressed skin.

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