Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "Beauty" of a photo shoot!

By; Heather Polyi  Owner/Lead Artist  Glam Spot NJ

The beauty behind the photo shoot!
First, Ashley the model is exquisite!

Factor in the conditions your shooting in and " the look " of the fashions...
We were working with a designer and knew the clothes in advance.
Ashley, had pink nails...  So I coordinated her lip with her nails!

This is my set up, sangria and all!
Ashley spoils me!

To start I curled her head in sections...

Then pulled it up in a sophisticated way...
The clothing was conducive to this look...
And it was an outdoor shoot in 100 degrees!

Dark along her lids and lighter as it goes up with colors to make her eyes look "greener"

Here is the results!

Photography by Huascar Fiorletta
Hair and makeup by Heather Polyi from Glam Spot NJ
Dresses by Weiling Cheng
Jewelry by Samantha Cham

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