Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break Travel Essential!

By Bridget Hudzik, Beauty Guru

This Voyage kit is Free of toxins or synthetic compounds... PERFECT, cuz GOD ONLY KNOWS the toxins your putting IN your body on Sprin Break....
Just kidding, I'm sure all you Spring Breakers are drinking water, and eating salad lol.
Earth tu Face is here for you!  Their focus is on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line. It's all home-grown from the ground up, intentionally choosing plants that heal, restore and rejuvenate skin cells. We are coming into travel time and their Voyage! Travel Kit is the perfect way to keep your skin healthy while away from home.
This 3-piece kit contains Hydrate + Nourish Body Butter with Virgin Coconut Oil + Cardamom, Gentle + Pure Face Wash with Palma Rosa + Aloe, and Nourish + Balance Face Serum with Blue Chamomile + Carrot Seed. Bags that contains the products are available with the Earth tu Face logo in Black, Aqua or Red.

All of their products are made from 100% plant-based, food grade ingredients chosen to heal your body and our planet, and contain non-GMO, plant derived Vitamin E, organic beeswax, organic, virgin cold-pressed oils, and plant extracts hand chosen by herbalists. All products are free from alcohol, added Water, cosmetic grade ingredients, chemicals, fillers, fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, palm oil or derivatives, preservatives, synthetic ingredients, toxins (any kind), and refined oils.
They've got a great glossary of all the good stuff they use in their formulas!
The Packaging is even reusable, compostable and recyclable made in the USA.
They use glass that can be repurposed, (labels peel off easily and can hold spices, herbs, jewelry after your Earth tu Face product is gone), recycled or even composted.
Huge plus - no animal testing. They believe you should never put on your skin what you would not put in your mouth.
Hope this introduction is just in time for your travels...
Or for your at home routine!
With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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