Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soap and Glory have a Mantrap!!!!

By; Heather Polyi. Owner/Lead Artist. Glam Spot NJ

The iconic fav's that graced us with their "presents" at the holidays, are back and brought their friends!!!!

The entire Soap and Glory line is available at Sephora, I was there today for the unveiling!

(Sephora in Paramus Park of coarse). It's quiet, clean, and everyone is awesome there... Just sayin'

I digress....
The cute names and packaging are just as great as the products themselves...
The story of this brand, I had to steal right off their website... It's impressive!

"Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006, when founder and serial suds-loving entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore used her cosmetic chemistry savvy to bring, fearless, and fantastically formulated bath, beauty, and body products to the British. Kilgore is widely renowned as the skincare expert’s expert. At 26, she opened her first big business – New York’s famous Bliss Spa.

(That's right!!!! Bliss Spa!!!)

She’s performed thousands of treatments on her ‘regulars’, top beauty editors, and an A-list roster of celebrities (including Madonna, Demi Moore, Calvin Klein, Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman and Oprah). She can tell you WHAT REALLY WORKS, and knows what lifts a skincare, body or cosmetic formulation from average to fabulous.

Most importantly, she believes that a good laugh can take off as many years as a good ‘lift’.

Within weeks of Soap & Glory’s first launch, the word – and the gloss – on almost everybody’s lips was the (now iconic) super-plumping Sexy Mother Pucker™. Soon after, Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter™ Body Butter was voted Britain’s Best Body Butter* and our Make Yourself Youthful™ anti-aging peptide serum took The Times beauty awards gold star. The bar was set high. And every single Soap & Glory product that followed has been brilliant.

But it’s not all foam and frivolity.
Last year, Soap & Glory kicked off a 2-MINUTE RINSE™ campaign. A quick, easy to do 120-second shower became de rigueur for those worried about the approaching global water shortage. And so, Soap & Glory always suggests – whether you’re using Soap & Glory or other people’s products – shorter showers.

Now proud purveyor of an absolutely fabulous full range of beauty, body and bath-stuffs, Soap & Glory recommends putting your products on with happiness and abandon, because they believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely."

I couldn't agree more!!!!!

So I love this line!!!!

And then.......
This happened!
The lipstick "mantrap"!!!!

For those of you that don't know...
I worked for a brand called Prescriptives.
I was a custom blender.... I even custom made gloss and lipstick!

My friend Everett suttle had his fav. Channelle Mayers had hers, and I had mine! It was named "man trap".
It was a running joke the three of us and the names of our shades...

Now it's an official shade and my intellectual property has been stolen!
:( j/k
I actually like their version...

So on that note, this is a must try line, with a lot to offer!!!!


With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ


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