Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will CAVIAR Nails be your next manicure???

By Heather Polyi  Owner/Lead Artist  Glam Spot NJ

Will Caviar nails be your next manicure?
 Probably not...  because once they were introduced to the public, they SOLD OUT!
The brand behind this genius concept...  will be selling the manicure sets at Sephora!
Don't hold your breath, it's gonna be a while!

It comes in 3 styles...

A multi color, a white pearl, and the black...

I am placing mine on hold, for the "first available"  you can too...
Click HERE

So, How does one actually apply this 3D color???

15-20 Min!!!!!
I am guessing that is actually longer...  When I get to try it I will report!

The inspiration behind this cool manicure, came about when Charlotte, Ciaté’s Creative Director, wanted to create 3-dimensional nails for a magazine shoot...

What a great idea! 
With 3D nail art becoming more and more popular! 
Katy Perry wore Sushi 3D nail art!

I am thinking this new Caviar mani. leans on the more sophisticated side!

I really...  Can't wait for this new product!

With Love and Glamour
Glam Spot NJ

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